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Frequently Asked Question

We can provide customers with the best service in a timely, high-quality and efficient manner. We hope that all customers we provide services can grow together with our company.

A standard patent application process in China can take around 2 years from the filing date if the request for examination is filed in earlier stage. Nevertheless, China is member of the PPH agreement, therefore with a PPH request the examination stage time can be reduced by more than half. Contact us for additional information.

Yes, a patent application that has been abandoned during examination, can be revived by filing a request for restoration and paying the regardign fee within 2 months from the abandonment notice.

We have a team of patent attorneys and engineers, with years of experience making patent searches, filing patent applications and following up on the patent process in more than 30 countries, which allows us to assure you:
-Competent professionals will perform all the necessary procedures for filing and following up your patent application.
-You will receive timely information regarding updates for the application process.
-If objections or rejections arise in the patent application process, knowledgeable attorneys will advise you on the appropriate course of action.
-All information provided to us will be kept in absolute confidentiality. Before entering any business relationship we electronically sign a confidentiality agreement with you that protects your interests.

Intellectual property management ensures that innovations are properly protected from illegal use or duplication. At the same time, it can also create economic value for innovators and encourage more innovative activities.

Patent agencies have the professional knowledge and experience to help applicants apply for and maintain their patent rights more effectively. They are able to assist clients through the complex patent application process and provide professional advice on patent law and strategy.

A good patent agency should have professional knowledge and experience, and be able to provide comprehensive services, including patent application, maintenance, infringement litigation, etc. The quality of their service, as well as their ability to communicate with customers, are also important factors to consider.