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Our Team

Fang Xingxing

Patent Attorney
Professional background mechanical engineering and automation

Business expertise:

5 years of experience as an enterprise patent engineer, 12 years of experience in patent agency work, agent of more than 800 new patent applications in machinery, automation, and electricity. He has strong logical thinking ability, can quickly and deeply understand customer technical solutions, and has strong writing ability.At the same time, it has rich experience in patent search, patent mining and patent layout. It has done patent family layout and application for enterprises, and provides customers with high-quality patent application services.

Customers served:

Liaoning University of Engineering Technology, Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang Liming Aero Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., Design and Research Institute of Northeastern University (Co., Ltd.), Shenyang Xinbo Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Guosu Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Meitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Tongtongfa Technology Development Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Huachuangyuan Intelligent Research Co., Ltd., Anqing Yingrui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., MCC Shenkan Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.