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Our Team

Chen Yuting

Patent engineer,
foreign agent Professional background: Computer Application Technology

Business expertise:

With 15 years of experience in patent agency work, he has handled more than 2,000 domestic patent cases and more than 1,000 foreign patent cases. He is familiar with domestic and foreign patent application affairs and is good at counseling for science and technology awards, patent awards, and industrial design awards.

Leading and participating in a number of patent analysis and layout projects, including:

■ Patent analysis project of an electronic product company
■ The technology of an automobile company can freely implement analysis projects
■ Global patent layout of a power supply company
■ Patent circumvention design of an injection molding equipment company

Clients Served:

China Southern Power Grid, Guangzhou Civil Aviation, Guangdong Xiaotiancai, Wen’s Dahuanong, JCDecaux Group, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, The Seventh Research Institute, Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, South China Agricultural University, Yangchengtong, Guangdian Metrology, Tiangao Group, China People’s Armed Police Force Guangdong Provincial Corps Hospital, South China University of Technology, Zhongshan Third Hospital, Mousse Group, etc.