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About Ronda

Professional Intellectual Property Service Team

Founded in 2009, Guangzhou Ronda Intellectual Property Firm is a professional agency with patent agency qualification officially approved by the State Intellectual Property Office,committed to providing high-quality and efficient patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property services for domestic and foreign customers. Our firm is composed of a professional and experienced team, including engineers, agents, lawyers, international intellectual property consultants, etc., all members can provide constructive and effective support in your invention patents, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry,biomedicine, electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications. As a member of Ronda,we not only need to have solid professional skills and rich practical experience, but also must uphold a serious, rigorous and efficient work attitude. We will sincerely cooperate with customers, in order to get customer recognition as the goal, to achieve customer success as their own responsibility, and strive to be a world-class intellectual property service provider.
As Ronda team members have many years of research and development work background, whilecompleting the enterprise patent application commission, they can have a deeper understanding of the enterprise’s research and development work, inspire R&D personnel to broaden their minds,and provide feasible technical improvement reference solutions for enterprises. In addition, we have a stable and high-quality intellectual property team overseas, and our professionals can skillfully and fluently use English as the working language to communicate effectively and timely with foreign teams and customers, and escort our customers to go abroad to participate in international competition.

Founded in 2009, Ronda Intellectual Property consists of two legal entities, Guangzhou Ronda IP Management Limited Corporation and Guangzhou Ronda Patent Agency (Organization Code: 44326). We are home to a lot of experts from the field and capable of providing high quality IP services for clients with our professional teams in patents, trademarks and overseas business. Our stable partnership with IP corporations or law firms from different countries ensures us to help our clients compete worldwide.


Teamwork to Help Your Dream

Eric Liu

Patent Attorney
Professional background:Applied Physics

He Xuexia

Patent Attorney
Professional background: Chemical Engineering and Technology

Zhao Huanhuan

Patent Attorney
Professional background : Pharmaceutical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

Chen Yuting

Patent engineer
foreign agent Professional background: Computer Application Technology


Ready to protect your IP?

We understand cutting-edge research and stay abreast of the latest findings to contribute to clients’ patent protection.

  • Patent Agency Approved by National Intellectual Property Administration
  •  Trademark Agency Approved by State Administration for Industry and Commerce
  •  AIPPI Member
  •   INTA Member
  •   Member of China Intellectual Property Society


Carry out high-end training activities on intellectual property rights

Training for the 6th Enterprise Intellectual Property Case Study and Pledge Financing Service Activities

Carry out training on enterprise intellectual property management standards for Guangzhou exhibition enterprises in 2017

Undertake the 2020 China Well-known Trademark Declaration and Protection Subject Salon


Unlock Your Business with Consulting Services

As an excellent intellectual property management and patent agency, Ronda has always focused on the needs of customers and provided a full range of services to help customers effectively protect and utilize their intellectual property rights.

Professional Team

We have many industry experts and professional teams in patents, trademarks, overseas business, etc.

Risk Mitigation

Helps mitigate risk by ensuring that all intellectual property assets are properly protected and maintained

Time and Cost Savings

A professional intellectual property protection company can manage the process efficiently, saving clients time and potentially reducing costs.

Increased Valuation

By maintaining and enforcing intellectual property rights, it can help increase the valuation of the business

Strategic Planning

Help develop and implement an IP strategy that aligns with your business goals, thereby maximizing the value of your IP assets.

IP Education

Helps you understand intellectual property and strategy, enabling companies to make smarter decisions and manage better

Domestic Service for local enterprises

To provide high-quality and comprehensive intellectual property services for growing enterprises in China

Overseas Service for Reaching out to the world!

To provide high effective overseas patent technical support for domestic patent applicants

International Service for accelerating your entrance to China!

To provide efficient and high quality Chinese intellectual property services for foreign companies